Collection 3: Minelab Sovereign Elite

Minelab Sovereign Elite

Minelab Sovereign Elite with Detech 12×10 coil

Minelab Sovereign Elite purchased by the end of December 2020.
Some guy on the secondhand website asked me whether I wanted to buy his Sovereign Elite. Actually I thought he was asking too much for a detector that I didn’t know the condition of, and I said I might come over one day. Then I looked up the available Sovereigns on the WorldWideWeb, and there were only 2 for sale on ebay for at least 2.5x more. And one of them was ‘collection only in UK’ while the other came from USA so forget about it. So I was bummed and then tried to set up a meeting, which worked. He didn’t reply anymore to my questions before on whether it still worked, so I thought he had left me hanging. He was nice and gave a lot of extras: headphones, AA battery compartment (which i didn’t know so i had ordered a new third party battery on Ebay France – 40 euro), protective pouch, extra screws and an Id Meter. It had some ‘problems’ but nothing I couldn’t solve:
– his dog ate the coil cable so he cut off the cable from the meter and replaced it with this. He didn’t use and shrink tube but only used tape so I had to fix this. Also put a new piece of cable on the meter. I still have cable lying around from the time that I had to fix the Excalibur’s coil cable.

Maybe this will become my detector of choice since it doesn’t deal with the bulky headphones and it does work with the 3rd party coils.. something that bothers me with the Excalibur and The Sovereign 1991. With teh old Sovereign, I can only use the 8″ Coinseach coil. The other one, 10 inch Tornado coil, is alraedy quite heavy.
Here is my first try-out with the Sovereign Elite on the beach. The one thing I learned is that you better wear headphones because the sound isn’t loud enough on a noisy day, even on maximum volume. Not using headphones and putting the volume on max will drain the battery within 6hrs. Or so it did with mine.