Silver bracelets

I think I still know where I got each silver bracelet.
First with blue: I eyeballed it last week on the sand, after several days of finding nothing much WITH detector. Hence selling a Sovereign.
Florent was found in the castle garden of my family-in-law with Deus. Nothing too fancy.

Third one in the playground with HF coil.

Fourth one on the beach in Montenegro with DEUS.
Fifth one, i don’t know. Probably playground.
Sixth by accident with pinpointer in playground (lol). It’s very thin.
Last one also with DEUS on the beach in Montenegro.

I feel like I finally have a collection, although one isn’t found with detector, but I was detecting so it counts :p

I’m in the process of trying to get this page in Google. It used to be so easy in 2005: make a site, go to Google webmaster page and put your link into a textbox. Done.
2021: I have no idea. There are so many pages with explanation about things I don’t understand what they are for. I also don’t get my page in google despite that I once put my link into a similar textbox. What an effort one has to make to help Google make some more money..
The page will have some items that I have for sale, since the secondhand site only allows two metaldetecting ads per account, otherwise you start paying.

Two x gold in 2020 !

1/ Wedding ring

Well, who would have thought I would find a second wedding ring near the same spot where I found my first and only wedding ring so far ? I was just about to leave the playground as it started to become ‘crowdy’ with a couple and their kid, and then Bam. I had something round, gold-colored an heavy in my hand. If it’s gold-colored, heavy and no green or brown shining through, start to prepare to be happy lol.

2/ Calendar pendant

As usual, those finds are unexpected. I always WANT to find gold but when I do it’s mostly when I’m already done and ready to go home. This pendant was near the entrance of the beach where I detected 2 hrs without finding much. It was quite a surprise, since the beach hasn’t been very nice since Summer. I don’t know how it ended up in the dry part: did the storm blow it that far uphill or did someone lose it recently ? It has some scratches like it has had a not so nice meting with some stone or street, but it can be an older scratch from before it was lost maybe. All in all, it’s my best year for gold (not counting the 4x 14k wedding bands in Montenegro long time ago :D). I also hunt a lot more than before but still, it’s hard to find something with some value. I cannot make a living out of detecting :p