Playground 1hr

I’m under the conviction that there are a lot of new detectorists and the chances are that at least one of them will be hunting the local playground every now and then, leaving it empty for me. So my plan is to go more often for short hunts in the morning, before annoying kids show up :p I can’t last long anyway because it’s a lot of digging garbage. Well nothing unusual. Just get tired of digging all ID’s and end up going for the coins in the end. People rarely seem to lose jewellery there for some reason.

Today I took my big old 28cm coil with the uneven resin finish and the purple led light. You can do playgrounds with small coils because of all the targets sitting close together sometimes, but i’m fine. A few 4-6mm jeans ringlets. I don’t need smaller than that so the big coil is fine. The coins etc do sound out.

Lots of 10 and 20’s under the big swing for some reason. Some even half exposed.

A total of 8 euro so not too bad for a bit more than an hour. I’ll be going to the coast in the weekend woth the Sovereign GT (and Deus as backup cos you never know with those oldies :p). No idea what to expect. THe beach can be sanded in and quite empty, but i figure that there must have been some crowds already with the hot weather lately. Now it’s rainy and not too warm.

I used to have a rubber case for the unit which i took the screen part out with scissors as it gets very unclear to see the screen. Then I did some hotglue borders to keep the dust out. I had two of those rubber things but gave them with the detectors I sold so now i had nothing except the stupid fake leather black ones. So I watched the online cases and then decided to keep Muh Muney and use that one arm-pouch. I stuck some plastic bits on the keys to make it a lot easier to push the buttons and i cut some arms off the pouch and voila. Even better against dust now and easier to push 😀

Playground and basketball terrain

It wasn’t too long ago that i searched the sand in the local playground, and especially with the bad Winter and Covid we cannot expect a lot of valuables to be lost since the last hunt.
Did manage a few pieces of 2 euro though (is my detector faulty, do i only dig up the biggest pieces ? lol). Two fake rings and something that did look like a high carat golden earring worn by muslims.. but also fake. Why don’t you people buy some real bling for your kids ???

I had to park the car near the basket trrains because the normal parking is resrved for covid vaccinations. GRumble. But that ended up in me goign though some very trashy area of a few metres next to the basket floor. THat was the first time I put my reactivity of Deus to 4 and it was amazing. So many rust signals and then a few good signals, very well-defined.

Went around on the grass where people put their backpacks and belongings and found a few more euros. Went very well in that soft soil with grass, not like previous week with the screwdriver where all targets were too deep and the soil was harder to lift.