My first Seal Stamp

I had been dragging myself over some new field. It was raining a bit and I didn’t find much between the rows of corn stubble so at the end, when I am almost turning off my detector, I decide to dig up one last high ID target. And it came out, looking like a solid heavy closet knob.. I put it away, walk to the car, then I have an idea and take it back out of my finds pouch. I wipe it with some water and there it is: a seal stamp !!

The handle was broken but it’s a fine old 14th century seal stamp (about-ish- we never know for sure). It says :

S’ ( igillum ) = seal “ Colart dou Canne ” is old French for “ Colart de Canne ” ( = the village Kanne near Riemst)

There’s a whole page with stamps found in Flanders