Beach ring

Long time ago..
I finally went to the coast again.. Not to detect but to visit my friend I hadn’t seen for a long time. I didn’t expect much of the beach and so I got what I expected. Almost no targets, so I guess the sand had been blown on top of the beach, which is the worst of conditions. But I did find 2 rings, despite the rare targets, and one was stainless steel. Nonetheless it had a brand name and would still cost 60-90 dollar. People are weird to pay that much for non-precious metals lol.
Then another junk ring, with some green oxidation and too light to be real. I left it in my finds pouch (also called ‘my disappointments bag’) and only retrieved it weeks later.
At home i could see a small lasered ‘925’ inside so i thought ‘woops, for a month i thought i had found nothing at all.’
So yay ! a thin silver ring from the high waterline.