Penny Dreadful wallpaper with Catriona Hartdegen

I always found the group photo without Catriona Heartdegena bit well.. missing Catriona (played by wonderful Perdita Weeks) so I decided to quickly photoshop her into the group picture. Sorry Dorian, you had no part in the big hunt. And you’re a man. Sorry if your gender leads me to discriminate lol :p I tried adding the light and dark parts on the face but apparently I lack genius.

Full Penny Dreadful with Catriona Hartdegen WALLPAPER (1280×720)

I was going to design a T-shirt with the following quote from Catriona :

All men, all cultures that have ever
trodden the Earth have foreseen the apocalypse.
No matter the language,
the drama always ends the same way.
The curtain falls on a stage
bedecked with bodies
and there is nothing but silence.
And death holds all dominion.

If you think that’s dark. I love it. It’s exactly right (INTJ’s for ya :p). I’d print a T-shirt with the big text DEATH HOLDS ALL DOMINION but anyway. I like the whole quote too.

penny dreadful catriona heartdegen wallpaper

I had a splendid and happy time watching this series. It is so beautiful, while showing the horrors of this world, both within and outside of the characters. I had some scenes where I had to look away. Unexpectedly got drawn into it, as I took the first series home from the library. Did not expect much, based on the back cover story and even the first episodes made me think there is no story to it. A few famous characters from Victorian novels fight against monsters. Meh. But then there is Eva Green, Josh HArtnett and a bunch of other great actors. The story, the decor.. Magnificent. Eva GReen is beyond amazing. Some entire episodes are revolving around her and her past.
They often have new books and dvd’s that i wouldn’t think of going after myself, since I’m not keeping track of new stuff but the new non-fiction books are on display which I always go and watch and the dvd’s are just standing there. I got myself a nice time watching Stella Blomqvist (based on novels by anonymous writer) and also Peaky Blinders. Happy surprises. Who would have thought the new age of cookies and consumerism would still lead to some wonderful creations that touch your soul ? :p

I’m sorry. I don’t know how to convey emotion without using smileys. Or whatever they are called now.