Beach ring

Long time ago..
I finally went to the coast again.. Not to detect but to visit my friend I hadn’t seen for a long time. I didn’t expect much of the beach and so I got what I expected. Almost no targets, so I guess the sand had been blown on top of the beach, which is the worst of conditions. But I did find 2 rings, despite the rare targets, and one was stainless steel. Nonetheless it had a brand name and would still cost 60-90 dollar. People are weird to pay that much for non-precious metals lol.
Then another junk ring, with some green oxidation and too light to be real. I left it in my finds pouch (also called ‘my disappointments bag’) and only retrieved it weeks later.
At home i could see a small lasered ‘925’ inside so i thought ‘woops, for a month i thought i had found nothing at all.’
So yay ! a thin silver ring from the high waterline.

Montenegro June 2022

Bar beach – I think the detector was too chattery here and a bulldozer was about to flatten the part where our stuff was so that didn’t last long. I did go after he moved the sand and i found a few small eurocoins.
THis was Veliki Pejisak/ At least some good finds in the pebbles. I found a silver bracelet and gold ring in the waterline years ago.
Sutomore: my favorite but this time there was a lot of aluminium and nothing much except one euro coin. Saw a guy and a woman detect after me in the evening while there wasn’t even that much public so I guess in Summer they’ll have a ball.. between the 1000s of chairs that are put on the beach. There’s no room to walk even and i really hate this. Good to go in the water if you’re there.. But my experience is that at 7am there isn’t even one free parking spot in the whole town (aug 2021).
Green beach at the edge of Sutomore which actually has another name. THat was a fantastic looking beach away from the town, not many people even in the weekend in June. Here I did a few tours underwater with m Deus II and just the lower shaft in Diving mode. That went fine except it’s hard to dig in pebble.