Fourons – Eastern Belgium

Not field but pasture for the first time, I believe.
We had an idea of where to go, and then my friend stopped a tractor on the road and turns out he gets permission for all pastures around. And ‘there might be a little water to cross first’. I’m like ‘yeah whatever’.. turns out to be a solid piece of stream and we have to take off our shoes and socks.
It was very dry so the soil was hard and I had to just stand on my custom-made aluminium shovel and wriggle it in. It bent a bit. I thought I’d be able to put my weight on it to bend it back.. and then it decided Nope and it broke in two pieces ! Dammit.

We kept finding whole 0.50 shelves from the war which was a new thing. There wasn’t much to find in the grass, although in some lower part there might have been a road or people might have gathered for the hay since some stuff was lying there. We found several older coins and I found a Carolingian disc fibula ! As usual, I only realized days after so the fun was already far gone lol. We went back a second time just to find my friend’s lost crown on the parking. And a third time when we knew exactly where to go, and then we found nothing.

Oostende – Beach II

This time we decided to take the train, which is about 2×3 hrs and 22 euro per person.

We did not get our money back detecting :p
Disappoint. In the first half hour I found a nice silver ring and a while later an older Belgian silver coin. A few euro and A LOT of foil. When we were leaving around 5h, 4 other detectorists entered the scene. I don’t know.. I find all the foil apparently but I have had better. Mostly in Montenegro but also there i didn’t find much lately. So yeah, not everyone finds gold all the time. There you go :p