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Field detecting with DEUS 2:
I did detecting some time ago when the sun was finally out after 7 months. The sun was a very rare element in those days. I think it took about 7 months for the rain and cold to wear off a bit. Lots of clouds and rain and cold. No weather to go detecting for me, while last year I went in near freeezing temps with my astronauts custome and I was happy about it. Now I just couldn’t be bothered anymore to go through all the challenges and not find much. Now I only went out to have some exercise.. which I got for sure as the clay was sticking to my feet and shovel all the time in the ploughed field. I went around for 1.5hr, cursing the new Deus and the mud and the lack of any decent signals that weren’t iron or lead. I really don’t want to use the new Deus on anything else but playground (maybe) and beach. And beach I say because i sold all of my old multifreq Minelabs. I did get annoyed with the cable issues I had and also the potential future cable issues.
I just don’t know what to do with this Deus. They all say you gotta learn the machine. Yeah well I can’t be arsed. I rather go out again with a 10-yr old machine that I find lots with, than find nothing with a new machine I have serious doubts about: I got nothing but bad (low/iron) tones. Whenever the rare event occurred of a nice higher tone, it was either deep or superficial rusty iron, or aluminium or lead. Plus, I guess sometimes the fields are that bad.

I decided to use the old Deus again, of which I sold the main unit so now it’s just a Light version with the big headphones. It’s absolutely marvellous. I keep getting hits every other minute, and I find tiny things with it. Granted, not too deep, but I also don’t want to dig deep.
And all this with the old version of 28 cm coil that I had to open up on both sides because there was oxidation in it and water drops. It’s a coil I won’t even sell if I would sell all the rest. Which I’m not because I have no decent alternative.
I did find a tiny Roman coin and a bigger rotten Roman with it.. all the dozens of other finds weren’t much. I think all the visitors keep throwing the trash back whilst keeping the good stuff, so the ratio good/bad finds is getting worse for us, local hunters.

What we have now in shops:
– newer Nox 700 – 900.. why couldn’t they make it right from the start ?
– Manticore : expensive, and probably still heavy and a straight shaft. Meh.
– Deus II : well meh. As explained before. I didn’t do the update to 1.0 yet. I was going to see the comments. Maybe mine is just broken or so. Probably my head and patience is broken. First that.