Nice silvers

Went out to Rich Quarter’s field cos I know them and found 1 denier there a few weeks ago. It’s the second on that field. THen today I got out before it was 30 degrees and found an amazing cool silver that i hadn’t found before 😀 1220-1250 minted in Lille. So small that I was seriously doubting that there was anything left in the small ball of dirt that I was waving over my coil lol. But there it was: a shiny edge of silver and black with some marks and I knew what it was 😀
So the Deus II works with me finally.

FEw days ago I also find a big dude which resembled the saints pepople put in their purse but it’s 5.5cm. Noone could tel me what it was and I can’t clean it too well.

XP DEUS II issues

SuMMARY: XP Deus II gives too many bad (grunt, inconsistent) signals in one area
Possible Causes :
1) electric fencing/Train lines nearby
2) frequency scan gone wrong (several times)
3) bad settings (audio response 5).
4) dry soil (which couldn’t be it, cos it happened on very sticky mud too)

Against electric fencing: THe Deus I would work perfectly in that same field, but would give intermittent beeps when too close to the electric fencing. Deus II gave no sign of interference thoughso it operated quietly on the whole area.
Against bad settings: I tried a myriad of presets and other personalised settings.
Frequency scan did turn the bad detector into a good detector in another area. Took it to the first spot and it worked fine all of a sudden.

Conclusion : until otherwise proven, I guess the issue has been resolved.
1) :p I’m not allowed on that problematic area anymore because the landowner was very unpleasant towards me, eventhough he did give me permission before.
2) I’m now successfully detecting another area which is directly under high voltage and the issue is gone ! It does give some intermittent beeps around one spot but the rest is pretty quiet.
No more constant bad low signals and I get plenty of good signals, small targets, deep targets, and almost no iron, wheras before I’d dig a lot of iron when the signal was good (which rarely happened because all signals were low, or fleeting).

OLD POST———————————–:
I have to investigate this issue further but for now, here is what is happening:

There’s this field that I call My Best Field because in one year I found so many cool things there.
Last year there was stubble, and ground was superhard. Went over it a few times and didn’t find much, because of stubble and hard soil (I wasn’t happy to dig a lot).
Few months ago I went with Deus II over the freshly ploughed field nearby and it gave nothing but very low and bad signals. A few rare good signals ended up being deep rusty iron or some lead. The lead was the only good stuff I found and the number of good signals was just depressing, I think 12 in two hours. But it happened before like that so ok..

Today, however, my best field was free and the stubble had been turned around so i was superhappy. I went on it and in 10mins I realized I was again only getting low signals.
Changed settings, tone, reactivity, even tried mono.
Went around for one hour, only getting bad sounds, and a few good signals that turned out to be lead or iron (3x).
Few hours later I go on same type of soil in another place, did also feel like bad signals only, then I did a freq scan and it was fine ! Good signals and good amount of signals too. So there was something that changed with the frequency scan that made it work again like I would expect.

Getting only bad signals is SO depressing ! I know there were periods where there was just almost nothing to dig and it was just a matter of living through. This is different. THis is a detector working here and then not working there. I’m not sure if i tried it anywhere else.. i remember using the old Deus again in other places and it was fine. Also used the Deus II somewhere else this week and it was fine. So I’m considering it place-related an also .. maybe i can not do the freq scan and it would work in this bad spot ?