Nice silvers

Went out to Rich Quarter’s field cos I know them and found 1 denier there a few weeks ago. It’s the second on that field. THen today I got out before it was 30 degrees and found an amazing cool silver that i hadn’t found before 😀 1220-1250 minted in Lille. So small that I was seriously doubting that there was anything left in the small ball of dirt that I was waving over my coil lol. But there it was: a shiny edge of silver and black with some marks and I knew what it was 😀
So the Deus II works with me finally.

FEw days ago I also find a big dude which resembled the saints pepople put in their purse but it’s 5.5cm. Noone could tel me what it was and I can’t clean it too well.

June 2023

After several months I went back to the beach. Mainly because I had to take my friend’s dog home for a vacation, but I also had to see the beach again, thinking I’d be much happier again. I’m sitting at home mostly nowadays so it felt necessary to go somewhere. The inland weather has finally revealed itself to being worthy of the label Spring but the beach can be something else at all times.
Kinda took me some effort to decide on what clothing to bring, since it can be Any weather between scorching hot or ice cold with terrible wind.
When we entered the beach with our dogs, it had a typical Nortern wind going on relentlessly. We dressed up with all the scarfs and jackets we had lying around. We returned back to the car after having barely walked 20 minutes because the dogs didn’t even seem to like it. I seem to have had a lot of luck with the way I parked my car in the sand of an old camping ground, since another couple had parked right next to my car and was busy trying to dig their Volkswagen out as we arrived. So we helped them and they helped us get out of the sand 😀 THey made several pictures of my car, lol. Always fun when people appreciate my designs.

I detected with the Xp Deus II for 2 hours in total (yes the wind was that bad and the finds weren’t great either). The last crappy and prospectless hour was on Monday morning when the wind was even more in the way of living my best life. One of the first finds was a silver closure so that was promising, since it seemed a rather old find and also heavier than foil. Great expectations but alas, the rest wasn’t all that.. Not even one coin in the first 1.5 hr, but I managed to find a whole euro on the way to the parking right next to the walking area. That fixed the universe for the 1 euro I paid for 40 mins of parking, before pressing the “1 Free Hour Parking” option :p Lots of dirt there but I turned the reactivity up a bit. Lots of bottle caps, and not so much iron or foil.

I am totally inept again for when it comes to dealing with the Deus II after not going detecting for so long. Or should I say I never had any knowledge on how to deal with it in the first place ? I had great fun going onto the field with the old Deus a while ago, digging up items every 2 minutes on average. Not that any of it yielded something good, but still. But if the new Deus has some advantages (ok a nicer sound than old Full Tones will not happen) than I am willing to give it another shot when the fields are available again. It’s just that i don’t have any good places to go anymore.

After Deus got some updates (1.0 and 1.1) I started to get a bit interested again in all the settings, since now clearly I have no Idea what I’m doing. I just put it in Beach mode and up the sensitivity and do a scan and that’s kinda it. It did seem to work fine though. I found very thin metal wire almost 8cm deep in the wet sand, Twice. And a Mattell car at a considerable depth, but that was nothing I haven’t seen before.

Granted, 3 tanktops was a bit too optimistic but who likes detecting in the open hot sun anyway..

Sometimes I entertain the thought of having another old Minelab Sovereign for the beach, but given that I already had 3 types (and I liked them), but it’s a bit like having a oldtimer: lots of things can break down. Not that it happened so often, but I don’t like having the cable swinging around me when I have the unit on my hip or back. THe Deus is just too practical and light.