5 week dry spell

Nowadays I have a female companion to go detecting with me every Friday. Not that it helps with having nice new finds.. Since I have been back from Montenegro, I was so tired and weak for almost a month. Slowly I started detecting again. My sessions lasted for 1-1.5hr and then I couldn’t get up anymore. Luckily it got back to the normal feel in the last week, so at least that. I don’t know if it’s a consequence of the second Covid Vaccine in July, or/and the result of the nightmare road trip to Montenegro.. but i hope it stays this way.
Yesterday I was detecting from 11h to 16h so yes, that looks more like it.

Just the quality of finds is a bit disappointing. Some good fields I have walked over this season and they gave nothing, or only some flat copper coins and lead. Previous 2 years I had so many nice finds, and only ocasionally returned without anything to put in my display.
On top of it all, a farmer told me it’s not decent to walk over someone’s property without asking. He saw us going over a field, and then over another a bit further and when he passed by with his tractor, he stopped and gestured me to come up for a talk.
I agreed with him as long as he was going on about ‘im also not going around in YOUR garden, am I ?’ but then I said i did have permission of four guys who were working these fields, but apparently he is the real owner. I agreed that there is so much garbage thrown out of the cars and into the road and fields, and I said I take all sharp objects and garbage home with me. He turned around and didn’t tell me to quit going there, and also said I could detect a pasture (where the bull is now, but later).. It didn’t really phase me as some other things did recently, but it can happen anytime, anywhere, and maybe the ending isn’t so positive next time. I’m easily scared by these things, on top of not finding much in the last 5 weeks.. It’s quite depressing to do this hobby sometimes. I guess things will get better again at some point. SEems we won’t have many places to detect since the new law states that fields cannot lie empty in Winter.. so we’ll see. It would be a damn pity. I sometimes go to the beach about once every 2 months, but that also turns out to be very disappointing in the last year. I managed 2x gold and a few pieces of silver, but all in all, there is almost nothing to dig on the beach since lockdown.

This is the best of September silver:
1- Some silver thing with 3 dots on the back. Looks like it has been cut with a tiny saw.
2- A 5th small 13th century silver coin. I had the same 2 times but still I’m always hoping to find another one of these.
3- some unknown coin that seems like bad quality silver (since it got washed off) depicting a head and 1824 as a date.. but still cannot find what it is.
4- some part of a pocket watch. The next day, i found another one that was a lot larger and it had a serial number, the silver content and a name scratched into it. From around 1900s.

Four silver finds in the last month, plus the last part of pocket watch here under.
Second backside of pocket watch. 0800 silver, a serial number and a French name scratched into it (Francois Wiame). Pity we don’t find whole things so often..

Failed beach trip Montenegro 2021

My favorite long sandy beach with some pebbles – Sutomore – Filled with plastic chairs and too many waves (not visible here) 🙁

My last vacation abroad dated back to 1 week in June 2019 when I went alone by airplane to Montenegro and rented a car. I took my Deus and used it in the morning in Sutomore but didn’t find anything so gave up. When I was there for several months in Fall 2014, I had the whole beaches for my self and eventhough I had some disappointments, I did find a lot fo rings and coins. LAter on, I never really got back to that success though. More people are detecting, it’s a poor country so if they can figure out the detector will return its cost, they might start detecting. THe guy on the beach once told me there were already 10 people doing it.
This time I had high hopes, and I took my oldest Sovereign for the wet sand, the Deus cos it can be made waterproof AND my big sand scoop since I was going by car. I also took the Pulsefice mini-detector for snorkeling. High hopes that turned to ashes as soon as I entered the country, since it was filled with tourists this time and the favorite long beach was completely filled up with chairs. I hate that they do it, and surely there is a maximum of land they are supposed to fill with the paid sunbeds, but who cares.. The beds are on the thin line of beach, lined up till they even touch the water, as you can see above. This photo was made at 7am. It is crowded in daytime. It was also windy for a few days, so that day i could see the waves going and I was totally not in the mood to set up and go into the water for detecting. My moods sometimes get in my way of going and getting stuff done in the real world..

I did wade 2 times in the sandy small beach in Bar where especialyl older people come in the morning and day time. Not much to find there. I saw some guy from facebook detecting around the beach goers with his Nox. He didn’t recognize me. He also didn’t reply to my messages so whatever :p Deleted him. I’m not the best character but if someone asks me several favors and I bring a Sovereign for him to try, and he doesn’t answer.. Your loss.

There was also the Nokta Makro Pulsedive that I bought over a year ago with good hopes on using it SOON. But that turned out to be mainly used as my land pinpointer since it has a very strong sensitivity. It is big and the buttons are hard to handle since it’s having to resist 60 metres depth in water. But I like how it works so I keep using it. I went snorkeling at the harbour in the shallow water where there are rocks and lots of fish and crabs. I couldnt dig up much because the rocky bottom was hard to delve out. Tthen I used it in shallow water on the side of Bar beach, and also on the sandy bottom, it worked fine. I didnt find much still, except some garbage and iron. Most I got out of this detecting was 30 cents I spotted by eye in the harbour and a few 5 cents with detector. Joys.

This is my Spring-Summer season 2021: not detecting for several months because all fields were in use, then postponing it when harvesting of grains started because i was going to detect in Montenegro, then I came home again to detect again on the harvested fields and finding nothing. I feel like Job in the Bible.
Luckily I have a collection of cool finds and I had gold 2x this year so it’s not all bad. I just updated my Deus with same 5.21 program to see if i can make it work properly again. The problem is probably just that I’m going on trampled fields and there simply is nothing to find. And I’m too lame to drive to other cities to try new fields. Gotta love being born with this personality.