Roman tile after the rain

This is really surreal. The Roman field has been lying open for two months or so. No one goes there now. I drove by expecting it to be sown with beans, since the poison has been sprayed to kill the herbs. But no .. So I spend another 3 hrs going around in rubber boots. This is the first time that it rained enough for the soil to be squishy.

After the heavy rain some soil washed away and it’s a good opportunity to look for pottery and i found another Roman tile with even 2 fingers doing a circle 😀 previously i found one with a 1-finger impression here. Cool. Found nothing else. Lots of beepbeep but no boomboom. Happy with this unique tile.

Belgian beach with big disc II

One real hard try at beach detecting today. We tried Middelkerke Bad.
No people, and there was a storm yesterday and the sand was all evened out. Three hours later we had a drink and the owner of the restaurant told us this beach isn’t so popular. So that explains the scarce finds. We moved up a little to the West, found a bit more but also not the heap of golden rings. Six hours of swinging with the 34×28 disc of XP Deus and I started to feel like yup.. the next 2 days will hurt my biceps 😀 But it’s a lot less heavy than a few guys warned me for.

Was fun anyway with my new friend. We spent the 2,5 hr drive back trying to think of ONE blonde actress that we liked. In the end we came up with Jessica Biel. Many more detecting trips to come, i hope 😀