Wedding ring :D

o yesterday this guy told me he lost his ring under the swing and I decided to give it another shot because I didn’t find anything yesterday.

So yes, today there’s a big ring with 750 written in it !!

M first golden ring here and not even 2 km from home !

And I shouldn’t feel bad cos i asked for his phone number in case i found it, and he didn’t even care enough to give it.

big disc xp deus

She was Xena ;D

I bought myself a present: a larger coil via DJ Laan shop in Holland
It’s the 11″”/28cm round version.

Problem is the software in my small unit is old, but I need the big unit and i need to find someone to help me update. And that’s not easy for me without any friends with metaldetectors (if they have a detector and are not willing to help, they’re not friends.. easy huh).

Went to the park and playground..hoping there wouldn’t anyone today but nope. Kids going around me and asking me stuff in other languages and a French guy who told me he lost his ring. I tried to find it while 3 kids and one guy where invading my private space which doesn’t help. He didn’t want to give his phone number in case I find it in the future.

Will go again but maybe he just made it up ?

Nice toy soldier was under the bushes near the playground