Some good finds

For ALL Summer, there was no detecting because Too Hard soil and also, all fields were occupied. As soon as the grain was harvested from my best field, I went there and it gave only a few targets with all the stubble. Went abck after the stubble was ploughed, again to find near nothing. I also went withmy female buddy and it rained for one and a half hour. I was SO FED up and she also didn’t want to bring me home, so there went most of my motivation to detect ever again with her and/or in the rain :p

All of September was pretty bad weather and it rained a lot which makes the soil a bit better. Most of fields have been filled again with seeds because this is how the goverment wants it .. the plants take out nitrogen or whatever from the soil. My best fields have been filled up again and I didn’t even go on the other one when the beets were harvested.. What a bad idea to quit detecting huh :p now I started again beaue I had a week off from work. I never go detecting when I have only a weekend, because there’s so much to do in that small timeframe off of work/not being too tired after work. Sigh.
I thought I’d have multiple weeks off but apprently i start again this week.

One field on the corner gave me the occasional good find, like a nice whole buckle and well.. I think a silver coin once with nothing left on it. Some medieval buttons.. Keep finding the same square button with some rudimentary flower made with scratching. This coin and maybe a piece of brooch of a rare time period to find stuff from came from this field. THe coin is in very good shape considering its age.. Most coins of 150 yrs old are rotten. This one is 400 yrs old ^^

The sword pommel is from the field that’s closest to my house. It’s said to be Roman but I never found anything old on it, or even worth mentioning. This pommel is the first good find actually. I just went there because it’s very close and I didn’t know where else to go ..

I’m using some Sony headphones with cable now and I ordered a used WSA big headcups so at least the cable will be gone. Never used the big headphones of XP but since I had the WS5 of the old XP Deus, I kinda got the hint that it might actually enhance the hearing.
Using program 2 Sens with slight mods..Because I modified my first deus II too much, I guess, and now I’m careful. THe fulltones and low disc gives the iron sound, and withthe 3tones I will be digging more iron than anything else. So back to the high pitched fulltones again.. I hope to put my ws6 puck on the shaft so I can watch the ID again, just like the old times :p Just like to know what might be popping up before hand. Don’t know why..

Crossbow fibula + getting used to Deus II

It looks better in real life lol. Someone looked it up and said it’s military brooch from 3rd century. Cool. Never thought I’d find something like this, cos i usually don’t even find the ordinary ones. Now I found an ordinary one just yesterday on a place that’s apparently also Roman, judging by the roof tiles and holes from other hunters.

Found some stuff lying next to the spot where you can park. I’ve been claiming they should put parking spots in the fields for us, because I hardly can ever park near a field and walking 10mins to do some tiresome hobby isn’t for me. So TADA, there it was: a concrete strip suitable for at least 2 vehicles. Coming back to the car, i saw a pigeon ring and huge flat coin lying which i took home. The coin turned out to be 2 sols of 150yr old from France. Almost totally gone, pity.

I have been wanting to scout new fields to get a bit more result in the silver/cool section. Yes, I know I had lots of gold and Roman and stuff around the NEw Year.. But then it slowed down big time. I got the new Deus II on top of it, and after 6 days I finally got rid of the feeling that it found near to nothing.

First, I turned it on and immediately installed my settings from my Deus I, based on Hot program. Way too much noise. After 2 days, I did some tests with silver/gold in polluted ground, slowed it down, turned the disc back to 7 instead of -6. Apparently the -6 disc isn’t helping, it’s masking the good target ! Although I didn’t feel like I was finding less with it on the old Deus lately from now on I won’t turn the disc to under zero.

Then I watched some British guy on youtube explaining all the settings in a 25-min long monologue, which took me DAYS to complete, because I just don’t have the attention span for it. So I started again, this time just with Program 1, trying to get the ground grab to work, which doesn’t work as usual, and there is no manual GB anymore :/ Still, the thing got quiet AND started finding deeper targets yesterday, FINALLY !! I was so depressed that I got my old deus out yesterday before I took the new one again. Maybe it’s because most fields are now so damn wet. THe air humidity is 93%. Everything is wet and cold. The last field I took on with the Deus II has been ploughed a while ago and seems a bit more manageable (flatter) and dryer, so maybe it really makes a lot of difference.

Still, I need to find more places to hang out because now we only have the green fields which are forbidden, and the roughly ploughed ones, where you can’t find much.