Beach Ring Number 4 :D

It has been 3 months since I went to the beach and I was so desperate to try the new Deus. So last weekend I headed there and within two hours I had a new gold ring ! Un Believable !
There had been severe storm winds in the last weeks, plus the high tide and I had seen some had found more than before due to the sand being taken away.
I put my Deus II on Beach Sens, full tones (which i can’t work with now somehow but on beach it was totally ok) and sensitivity on 99. I had A LOT of very small copper bits. Tried finding a gold/silver chain that way but nope. Lucky enough I had a few 1-2 euro coins. Some were even quite deep. Weird but not so much smaller money and lucky not a lot of older coins that I can’t use in the parking :p Oh well. The local parking meter spits out my beach money and I have to start over again every time until i use clean money. Gotta find a way to clean the coins.

THe Spring vacation just started and in combination with the sun finalyl coming out after months, a lot of people were on the beach and a lot of them asked me what I was finding.

Just when I saw the gold shining in the pile of sand, a couple passed and teh guy jokenly asked if i found ag old ring. I said ‘As A matter of Fact, yes’ and showed it to them.

The unbelievable Roll I’m on:
Oct 2020: golden pendant
July 2021: ring with glass
Dec : wedding ring and hollow stamp ring
Dec 31: pendant in the field..
Feb 2022: Stamp ring

I have been detecting since 2010 or so.. Only found gold in Montenegro beaches in 2014 and a broken Roman coin here in 2018. Two rings in a playground later on. Weird.. why is it all happening in the last years ?? Also, Why can’t we find much in the fields??

Yesteray I was on a semi-stublled field in another city. It was hell to figure out the new Deus. Then we moved to a more flat field and I put it in Mono on 25khz and reactivity 3. It worked like a charm (high freq and react always give a nice signal). I had a good hunt here and there with the basic program and some customization of it, but on other occasions it just seems to chatter or give false signals. I tried using Beach like I did on the actual beach last weekend. And also Mono. To no avail. Maybe I should stick to my mono/fast reactivity for a while. I always thought I just need the multifreq on the beach. Did some tests, several times even, and always got confused with results. No fun. Well can’t complain about my beach life though lol.