Too many detectors

Yep, there’s such a thing as having too many detectors.

My small Xp Deus unit finally died on 23/3/2019 (I remember cos I just found a Golden coin and wanted to go hunt a second time :p). It kept going on and off showing all digits and wouldn’t respond to anything. I opened it up, took battery out, put the whole damn circuit board in the oven. (Well, at least it didn’t work LESS than before). So I sent it to the Detector shop at the coast. I never heard of it again.

And with all the good finds that I did around that time, I really wanted to go back to detecting asap. Instead of buying a new small unit, i thought it was smart to just buy the entire second hand Xp Deus package via a shop. It came with both small unit and big unit. Also the 28cm disc and everything else.
THen I met the new detecting friend who told me about the 34×28 disc and I thought i could do with a few cm gain on going on wide fields or beaches. So I bought that one on ebay a week later (when I want something it better be here yesterday :p).
So now I have 2x 28cm, one 34×28 and the big unit. Sold the small unit cos I’m not having limitless money due to all being lost on job market.
So the big unit gives me control over updates (finally, after years of fishing after help with updating), it has a few extra settings like.. ehm.. wait.. reactivity and groundbalance. Didn’t really dig into the horseshoe yet.
THe only downside of the big unit is the lack of volume control. First thing i did when i put my headphone on was taking it back off and hoping I didn’t lose my hearing. It’s LOUD, man. For the price, they could’ve made a built-in volume control like the WS4 has.