Just rings

Sometimes i feel like i have an awesome hobby. Depends on where i’m standing. If/when standing with pain in my legs after digging for three hours with nothing in my pocket but shreds of metal waste, then it’s not awesome. When holding the shiny rings, it is. Most are from Montenegrin beaches. I remember an older Russian couple wanted to buy the green one right after i got it out of the water. Was still black so i didnt know what it would give. So i kept it :p

Brighton beach detection

I forgot about it, but one time I dragged all my equipment from Belgium to London and then to BRighton by train, only to get up real early in the morning, go detecting for an hour in cold and rain, and come back with almost nothing

Well, it was a bit more to the side of Brighton, with a grass bit along the side where I dug at least one coin. It’ nice there but you have to go when it’s warmer and nicer. I was going around Brighton all freezing to death in my 15-layer clothes. Very stony beach also.