Montenegro in Winter

We were planning maybe to go on a road trip for several weeks to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro and maybe Albania/Kosovo.. But the only free space was March and what happened: WINTER !! Snow, freezing, rain, snow.. NOT WHAT I EXPECTED !!

Happy i got the snow tires because I didn’t slip once and there’s a lot of curves on the Bosnian roads !! But we suvived the snow in Bosnia. Happy i have seen it with snow. So many forests.. there should be so much to find there but now was not a good time. We didn’t get to Albania/Kosovo because it would cost us and it’s all cold and rainy and really still nothing to do.

Strange, there was nothing to find on all beaches in Montenegro, except 1 spot of a few squares metres in front of a bar. It was literally loaded. Even dug this cross, from a grave or so, so i left it there. Maybe others couldn’t detect here because of electric wires but i didn’t notice anything with my detector. Really strange.. I detected in Winter (Oct/Nov) before and that was quite ok. Then end of August was crappy while the tourists were still there and beaches were undisturbed. Can’t really make anything out of it.

Road trip Bosnia Herzegovina

Old bridge of Mostar – i found 15 coins in different currencies in five minutes (eyes only !). I have no idea why they were all there in the bush 😀 such green water everwhere here in this region. Pity the weather is almost at its worst: bursts of wind and also icy rain. It’s a typical wind of hereabouts but i rather not have it. I was clinging to the fence on the bridge, yelling what a bad idea it was to make a picture there.