Quest Xpointer MAX review – don’t buy it !

New update: My experiences in the field with this pinpointer were rather frustrating so I did a small test at home, and turns out the sides don’t detect much. The dealer said his pinpointer in the shop does it the same way, so .. this is it:

I heard about this GENIUS invention: a pinpointer that will tell you when it’s iron !! Given that I sometimes dig a lot of deep rusty nails .. I wanted it ! I bought it after seeing how positive everyone on youtube was. But now I seemed to be going over a pile of soil or into a hole forever without finding metal targets, while the pinpointer is supposed to be super sensitive. I did a test at home several times which shows the problem with it. And it sometimes keeps beeping when there is no metal around, which is OK I guess, since it interferes with the detector just like my other sensitive pps do sometimes. But then it also STOPS beeping when the target touches it on the sides. The dealer said his Xpointer Max at the store does the same, and the answer from Quest says this is how it works because it’s VLF.. so this is how it is. THis is not what Quest website says though: Medium sensitivity on the sides, max on the tip (and nothing mentioned about the great sensitivity at the end of orange part).

About the ‘raise coil’ issue.. I had it first time on the beach and I couldn’t get rid of it. It happened again several times afterwards. Not sure what to do with it.. I thought the dealer would give me a working one after I complained and I’d be happy. Best case scenario. I’ve put it for sale and I’m sure I’m going to lose money on it. But this is how it really is, apparently. So for your info.
Edit: I also heard from someone that this Xpointer MAX has a problem with cold. I put it in the fridge, and yes: Error !! So I will try it again when it’s close to zero which should still be a normal working condition for an expensive pinpointer. And then I’ll mail yet again to the store to see if they want to take it back. I will never buy Quest again. It looks like they put this product ont he market without testing it and now won’t take it back.

My feelings on the Nokta Makro Pulsedive: it is great for pinpointing, goes from low to high sensitivity (salt water/Waterproof/5 sensitivity steps/retune option). Downsides are : the buttons are hard to push, but that’s because it has to withstand underwater pressure, and this comes with most pinpointers nowadays. It’s bigger than most. It also detects iron so that’s why I wanted an Xpointer MAX. But it’s my favorite pinpointer. Never gave issues so far and I’m using it for 2 yrs.
The Pulsedive costs €200 and comes with small underwatercoil (I think the coil is €100 separately).

Xpointer MAX plus and minus: it can discriminate ferrous vs non-ferrous, but only does when close enough. The buttons are also hard to press, a bit harder than Pulsedive. Smaller and a lot lighter than website says (I mailed them first to say their info is wrong, second time to complain about pinpointer).
THe Xpointer costs 160 euro. I would not have spent this money on a pinpointer if it wasn’t going to be awesome. But sometimes you lose.

When i still was unaware of how bad this pinpointer was

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I don’t know how Spartan i can be with keeping myself from buying stuff that I don’t need.. But it happens that I accidentally come across something I didn’t know about and then I WANT it. It’s not just that I want it but I want it because it will do something that I need to be done in my life. Spend money you weren’t planning on spending and get it over with.

Here comes the Quest Xpointer Max pinpointer’s main innovative quality:


I’m not finding much lately and hence, my motivation is down the drain.. But the one thing I did cut out of my meager trips on the field (and soon hopefully the beach) is the endless digging with a screwdriver into the depths .. just to stumble upon some big piece of rusty colored iron. Those things are usually 30-40cm deep and since I don’t like digging big holes with my shovel, I sit down and poke around with a screwdriver (or chop off with my shovel while squatting). It takes ages and it’s all for nothing. So now I will hear the signal for iron before I start the excavation and I will move on, hence saving time for more valuable targets. Iron can be cool too but usually it’s just a piece of the machines or a rusty nail.