First ring in Belgian waters !

Yay, I finally broke the spell and found myself a ring in Belgian water! I rarely go into water because we don’t have many swimming lakes here and I have to drive like 1 hour to reach one of the few swimming lakes. Most of the time I only find a few coins..

Yeterday I decided to dig around in the grass and to leave the sand and water alone, since plenty of hunters go around already. I did find 3.5 euro in the grass. THe amount of pull tabs was astonishing.. Is it SO hard to NOT pull them off and throw them away ?? Good thing I just ignore them based on their ID that shows up, but you never know when you skip a golden ring..

THen I put myself together and got out the wading suit.. I just hate how it looks but anyway. Went into the lake, which was shallower than I remember. Didn’t find much, except foil and foil.. Then on my way back to my shoes on the sand, I dig up a big silver ring from the KUL brand about knee deep !! Jay !! A bit further I found a cube-shaped earring with 9 little stones on each side. But that just stays black and copper, so no silver.

One night in Croatia 2015

So here is the nice landscape I could look at while detecting Croatian beach at 6am.. the beach itself was small and not so beautiful. SOme guy(s) stopped by car to throw a carload of old bricks into the hill of the beach..