Minelab Safari test

Man, is this thing heavy or what ??

XP Deus and Minelab Safari

So I did some research on this ‘divine’ Nox multifrequence thingy and turns out it isn’t a new technology AT ALL !! IT’s a new version of multifrequency but the use of several frequences AT ONCE is not new ! This was already in use in 1991 when my first Sovereign was made, and maybe even before that. Got myself a secondhand Minelab Safari to try this multifreq.. but yeah, the specs said it was heavy, and yes.. it was heavy and no option to take the unit off and wear it on your body.

I did take it out for a few test drives and wasn’t too bad. I would absolutely go for a Sovereign or Excalibur though, because this Safari needs to be ground balanced every time you change to a new spot and it takes quite a while. On the plus side, it’s a very sturdy thing. THe sovereigns come with a unit with old electronics and I do have a weak spot for stuff that is fixable without sending it to a dealer. THe Safari’s unit is heavy and cannot be carried on yoru body, so that’s a disadvantage if you’re not The Hulk. It does what it has to do though.

Some post I had written when I forgot this was already done :p We had to go to the coast and I was happy we were allowed on the beach, with all Corona limitations. So I could go detect with my new secondhand Minelab Safari ! I bought it because I am still convinced that the Equinox is too expensive and too hyped, so I got my hands on a cheaper Safari which uses 28 frequencies between 1.5 and 100 Khz. That’s a lot more than Equinox, by the way.

No chatter. It was DEAD silent on the wet beach, but of course you could hear the hum if you set it loud enough. I had some trouble finding targets because my also new Nokta Pulsedive Pinpointer was interfering. I only found out later that I could change the frequency so I missed a few targets because I stopped looking for them. Seems a pretty upgrade from the Deus for wet sand as I found 4 euro, 2 bullets and some old bling in 3 hours, and this while the beaches have been without people since Summer I guess.. LAst Summer I had trouble finding the same amount in a whole day.


I got the Minelab Safari because I wanted to test the multifrequency, especially since this one uses 28 frequencies in the 1.5 to 100Khz. What a simple machine ! Just put in your sensitivity and high/low trash, and do a noise cancel and you can go and detect. It was hard to understand the signals but then I stopped discrimination iron so I could hear the iron grunt to see whether it accompanied a higher tone – and iron was there aLL THE TIME…. MAde me wish for cleaner fields.

The Minelab Safari is the first of the Minelab metal detectors to feature Full Band Spectrum (FBS) technology. With its High Trash Density setting, Target Ids and audio tones are constantly updated when sweeping over closely spaced targets. This improves the recovery of deeply buried high conductivity targets in trashy and/or mineralised environments and allows you to more accurately identify the type of target found.

Pinpoint function with audio and video display for variable positioning tone and depth display

Ground compensation in order to suppress ground mineralization

Four pre-programd user modes

Discrimination patterns with representation of symbols

Noise filter

Metal discrimination

Schwebton adjustable

Sensitivity setting

Ultra-light and waterproof search probe

Clear LC-display for optimal viewing in all lighting conditions

Ergonomic and balanced grip arrangement

3-piece search linkage

Volume control

Battery level indicator

Can also be operated with alkaline batteries

Headphone circuit 6.35 mm jack

Field of Despair

I returned to this ‘field of despair’ often because it does give a lot of nice things.
First of all, my buddy found a rotten Roman coin, and the leather decoration (the shieldy thing with the circles) was Roman according to the internet forum. Not sure about it, but I found a lot of horse gear decorations around the same part of the field, so it leads me to think there was some gathering happening in previous era’s. Lots of small silver bits too. I don’t think I ever found this much silver on a field as I did here in a few hours.

THe guilded horse pendant was on of the top finds.
Also a ceramic spinning weight (picture here below)