XP Deus 9″ round HF coil test 1-2

I really wanted to have a HF coil for my XP DEUS – because.. Because Golden Staters seem to stay away from me so muc :p – so after some research, I found a used one. Unlike a lot of detectorists, I’m not really the kind of person to wave around with money so most of what I buy is used. With good quality equipment like most detectors or cameras, i rarely ever had a problem this way. And if you have to sell it again, you don’t lose as much. More stuff for teh same amount of money, so come on 😀 Although now the times for selling XP Deus stuff are a bit bad, since everyone bought the Equinox to see what all the fuss is about, and thus they are all selling their Deus to cover some of the costs.

THe Higher Frequency means the coil will emit for example, 31000 signals per second (31Khz) (which is a lot more than say 11000 – 11Khz). This will make it more sensitive to smaller objects or coins that are standing straight up. THey have a smaller surface onto which the signal can bounce back, so having more signals per second as you swing makes it more likely that you hear the really small stuff. Also low-conduction targets -like gold…or foil :/- would ring a bit harder.
The owner gave me some settings to find small silver, which include Reactivity 3.
I tested the coil on a Roman/medieval field that has been hunted by an enormous amount of hunters. I do ocassionally find something nice there still, like a very small silver, or silver medieval coin or even a denarius.

1st trip with HF coil:
This time, I wasn’t hoping for too much, but yes, I did dig up a very cool Denarius of 81BC. 2100 yrs old and still it great condition ! The Romans weren’t even settled here at that time.

2nd trip to another Roman field that was quite empty lately:
I found 3 parts of very small Roman grots (which i rarely found before) and also a larger rotten coin. And a silver thin earring. So that was completely surprising ! I found a lot of roman coins on this field last year, and a lot of other interesting stuff but it seemed quite empty the few times that i visited after that.
Also after finding these, I returned several times but there was absolutely NOTHING to find anymore. So I can’t really say that you will dig cool stuff with this coil EVERY Time. IT’s just not like that with any coil or detector.

My personal feel with the HF coil:
1) in the first months:
I did have a feeling that I’d find less this HF coil. It found big iron that I would normally not hear (i also still dig up iron sometimes with standard coil but still less than this).
-It’s very hard to get a grip on the signal.. After some hours of using it, i still have no clue as to what the size or depth of the target is.
-It does tend to find VERY small stuff to the extent that after digging up the first signal is lost and you can’t find it back. I know my standard 11″” coil can find very small things like parts of foil that are tiny so actually I don’t see the use for finding even smaller targets right now. I was hoping to find Celtic small gold or so, but you have to just walk over it.
It’s not something you find a lot around here, and they are big enough to find without HF, I think. I also didn’t find more coins (thinking I’d normally skip the ones on their side). I did find less coins with the HF but more strange artefacts.
2) After a year, the 9″ HF coil has become almost as popular as my 11″ round standard coil. Mostly, I use it when I need a smaller coil. I do like to use it when going over a ploughed field so I can pinpoint easier or get into the ditches, or when there isn’t much space to swing between stubble. I would probably try it on a flat field too, just to see what it finds. My round 11″ coil is the coil I used the most so far, and I also found the most with it.I know, it’s only logical to find more with a coil that you use more, but going side by side with my colleague who has a 13″ coil, and seeing how many coins he finds as opposed to how few coins I find on the same patch.. mh. My old 11″ can find bits of silver coins too so I trust it completely. I wouldn’t get rid of the HF simply because I often need a smaller/lighter coil and the old black ones are really hard to get nowadays. Plus, gotta take into account their battery life.

Neolithic Scraper

Meh.. We went a bit more to the East towards the Dutch border because there are some old villages and there should be old roads too going across the fields. I didn’t find a lot. My friend, however, stumbled upon an old lead religious token, and also a stone artifact ! A bit more to the East there are some spots where the stones were dug up and sort of factories existed where the neolithic tools were made. You can even visit such a place near Maastricht.

I went back a while after but I didn’t find anything.