Collection 4: Xp Deus

THis superlight, superversatile and solidly made detector ? Not even thinking of getting rid of it 😀

Xp deus – 9″ HF coil – 11″ standard coil

We are now Jan 2021 and I have my Big unit, my 9″ HF coil and 11″ standard coil. Not really looking to buy more, since all my money goes into the Minelabs for the beach now. Plus, not like I’m travelling all around to hunt the very good spots, am I :p Everytime I find something that earns back a bit of what I paid for equipment, I buy something more expensive

The wireless signal won’t work when the coil is under water so you’ll need to connect the coil to the unit with some wire, either a coax cable or the wire that you can order in the detector shop.