First time with Sovereign Elite

Did you ever see the snowy white beach ?? Of course, metaldetecting postponed.

I arrived Saturday when I was already driving through 30minutes of dusty snow, but near the end of my drive it became Solid snow, all ovr the road. I almost had an accident because I couldn’t stop the car at the end of a road. And I’m already a very careful driver.. Next day there was just a lot of wind so I could go detecting.

First hunt with the Minelab Sovereign Elite and the Nel Thunder 14″ coil

I did 2hrs on the wet beach, mostly in De Panne where I found almost nothing except some scrap metal in the wet part.

Koksijde beach – high tide

In the afternoon we went to the West of Koksijde, where there’s a big cut. The upper side is a leftover from the storm months ago -I think, someone said they put the sand there on purpose but I didn’t see that- that blew all sand towards the city. Nothing there on the high sand (where bulldozer tracks went up and down), except on the edge that was closest to the water. It was almost high tide but despite the limited space between water and edge I found 2.70 euro and several dead sea urchins. They are quite rare here. Couldn’t stop myself from gathering a few 😀

On the second day, I went to Koksijde again, where the tide was low.. meaning: again I wasted one hour on the wet sand before I gathered my leftover dignity and again strolled toward the high tide line. At least 2x 2-euro coins and 1.7 euro ! And didn’t pay parking on week days 😀

Massive beach during low tide in Belgium – Koksijde

Some problems occured while detecting:

– I was walking with a ‘singing’ Sovereign for half an hour, thinking there is something wrong with sensitivity and then turning that down – which didn’t help AT ALL- before I tried the screw that connects the coil to the unit.. yup. It would help if i would turn the connector screw under the unit till the very end at the start of detecting. Lesson learned.

-Second day I was on my third stroll in the , and almost done when my battery started giving the high pitch, which means it’s almost empty. DOH. After 5.5 hrs of use ! I guess having the volume on max together with a loud threshold is the cause. In contrast with my oldest Sovereign, whose loudspeaker is too loud at its best, this Sovereign Elite needed its volume and treshold upped to the max because the wind and waves are too loud to get a good sound. I guess that’s draining the battery. I thought I’d be using the Elite without headphones, as I’m not a fan of that thing on my ears with glasses, but yeah.