Collection 2: Excalibur

Minelab Excalibur 1000

Ordered that detector from a store in Holland. They phoned me up to say they actually didn’t want to sell it via online because they want me to pick it up and see what it looked like. I said I bought another secondhand excalibur before which looked way worse for the same price. So they agreed to send it 😀 It arrived with the entire outer cable cracked, which isn’t their fault, so i decided to suck it up. I had to order new cable, which took ages to arrive. The coil was too heavy anyway so i sold it quite recently for a silly 45 euro.

I attached the unit to a camera-harness so it’s not bothering me at all when i hunt. Also had to replace the battery. It was only 23 dollar but putting it in was hard since it was just a bit too wide. LAter on I realized that I had been hammering it in with one of the wires squeezed between battery and wall.

THe headphones were also a pain soI ordered custom made headphones but they were also heavy for me. Now I soldered my old Bose headphones which don’t have a very good sound quality anymore but they are very light. I guess there’s no other option for now. Sucks though that I cut off the original blue headphones because I can’t use them anymore. THere are some elctronics components in the resin of the endcap to modify sound so it would work on those blue headphones. Now the electronics are unusable and so is the headphones. I can order some expensive underwater headphones but then they’d be too heavy again. Guess I’ll leave it as is. If I ever want to sell it, i’ll attach the new custom ones eventhough they aren’t waterproof. THey are still good quality.

Minelab Excalibur 1000 with NEL Thunder 14″ coil