How to make cheap pinpointer work better

I have been using the old Garrett pinpointer for years. It is the simplest among pinpointers: a simple on/off button, a led-light that I never need and that’s it. Along the way, I have found a way of making it more sensitive when I need to: When I don’t find a target in the hole, I hold my screwdriver againstthe pinpointer behind the button, and pull it backwards until it stops beeping. It will increase sensitivity and therefore detection-width as long as I hold the screwdriver there. I have used this trick probably over a hundred times when the original sensitivty wasn’t enough to find my target and it worked.
Now I have a new and way more expensive Nokta Pulsedive but I might switch back to the ordinary Garrett-type because the buttons on the Pulsedive are a bit too hard to push. MAybe i’ll do it. Maybe not. I also like that the Highest sensitivity setting will never fail to find a target. I often need to put my detector a bit further because it’s in the way of the pinpointer 😀

If you are wondering whether the 4-5x cheaper Chinese pinpointers will work, there are plenty of positive reviews.