3D printer ordered !

Just ordered:
A Creality Ender 3 V2 printer with some nicnacs like whatever unicorn tube that can stand higher temps – PETG grey filament – yes NO PINK OR RED filament just grey ! – and a better nozzle.

Me and my search mate got together on chat yesterday on the topic of What to Do to keep ourselves busy and to have an aim. He’s in a very hard program to learn coding and might have to look for a job in that, but he sometimes has some time off and he can do 3D designs, plus he is into making and selling stuff. He loves researching things all night and then needs to sleep in the day afterwards. We both are into metal detecting and I have seen the enhancements that people make themselves and maybe we can design some of our own, so perfect.

I saw the one and only local shop here is making and selling 3D prints to detectorists and it’s all done by the son who seems to be still in high school. I’m like ‘I’m 3x his age or whatever, why don’t I have ANY idea what to do in life’.. (but I think that every 7 seconds so nothing special). I was looking into 3D printers some months ago and decided it’s too complicated for me and let it go, but since I am very stressed about my future (more specifically, what my counsellor/babysit of Job Search will tell me on Monday) I am reviewing my options. I am horrible at being an employee.. no, wait, let’s rephrase that: I am a fantastic employee. I know several languages, I am always in time, work fast and organised, I cannot sit still.. THey should be so lucky to have me work for them, but from MY point of view I hate being employed. I have my own side-business in photography since 2008 and I did it all: managed people, bookkeeping, website, our equipment, my learning of how to do things better, the post-processing. This whole ‘be here at 8, have a break from then to then, don’t look at phone’ stuff isn’t working for me. I can manage myself, thank you very much. I just never found a product or service that I can sell. Photography makes good money, but it’s hard to sell since everyone can make photos nowadays. I mean, you don’t work for peanuts so I understand the prices are high for people. I always wanted to offer something that people actually need, like broken car parts or food. Detector parts is still a luxury market but plenty of people are still getting into the hobby every year.
I’m hoping we can start selling coin/ring holders, extra parts for XP Deus and Minelab Equinox and my friend can design some new things that are hard to get, like detector handles, battery covers..