XP Deus Deep program, hot program and Deepest program

Some info on the HOT and DEEP Program

1 DEEP program

USE : the DEEP Program nr 6 is what you would use to pick out deeper targets in a good field that might have been hunted already. It has 2 tones and uses freq 7.7Khz.
It is said that this program is based on a Version 2 filter (some people love to use the older software versions because they would be better or deeper).
From the Deus site: “Factory program number 6 DEEP on V5.2 has much less filtering and closely replicates the earlier Deus versions, it hits a little harder on targets but can be a little sparky if searching amongst iron, you need a good ear in this case.”

(side note: You can look and compare the different settings of the XP DEUS presets here – good to see what the differences are and what they might do)

The settings (besides the V2 filter) that make it a Deep program are:
Sensitivity -> TX Power > 3
Reactivity 2
Audio response 4

If this gives you too much chatter, you could calm the detector down by setting TX power to 2 (or 1) and reactivity to 3. It can also be that this field has too much JeNeSaisQuoi to work with this program so then you need to change to another program.

2 HOT Program

USE: The HOT program lets you cherrypick the nice high conductors out of a contaminated area, so for example it is ideal to hunt a park or play area with. It is also used to get an audio picture of what the soil is like because it reacts in great detail to contamination with iron etc. You will be able to hear the iron within the tone scale (so this is why Iron volume is set to 0, it is already incorporated in the audio).

The Hot program uses FULL Tones where the beeps land on a sliding scale:
TX Power 2
Reactivity 3

It does use 18khz and reactivity 3 which cause a very good separation between targets that are close to each other.

The XY screen .. well.. it does what it does. A nice diagonal line going from left/under to right/upper is what we should definitely dig, but take into account: a lot of good targets come with a different graph.

The Audioresponse doesn’t differ much (3 vs 4) between the two programs.
What is it again: The XP Deus version has 8 audio response levels 0 – 7. A setting of 0 will give the best perception of target depth and size where small or deep targets will sound very faint but shallow or big targets will sound much louder.

To some, it seems the HOT program doesn’t go very deep. If you want to make the HOT program deeper, just use the DEEP Program nr 6 as a basis and give it some Hot settings.

3 Modify the Goldfield preset to a Deep Iron Program

For deep iron and other things, you can modify the Goldfield program nr 10 to the following:

18khz becomes 4 khz which goes deeper but might also work better on Wet Soil (why did I never hear of this ??)

DISC IAR (0-5) is normally set to 0 = which means it basically works in ALL METAL mode
You can set it to 5 to reject the more superficial smaller iron. This way you will get less of the higher iron beeps.

Advised to perform an automatic GB reading when using the modified Goldfield program.

Find deeper targets, and dig especially deep iron with this modified Gold Field program on the XP deus