13-15th century horse pendant

Jay, someone posted a link to some old webpage with broken links, but one of them took me to the PAS database via The British Museum so I entered ‘horse pendants’ in the database search box, and dozens of pages appeared with only horse pendants. Since I found about 3 in the last years, I wanted to take a look at them, and there it was.. one small scallop shell shaped horse pendant, like one that I found about 1.5yr ago but I couldn’t find it anywhere on the internet. It looked kinda old to me, and it was also guilded, but as usual not much of the gold is left. Pity they always come out like this. Imagine they would look like they were just lost. I think the number of people metaldetecting would be 100-fold if all finds would look like the ones in the museum

Scallop shell shaped horse pendant AD 1200-1400. Mine is on the right with some gold plate left on the right and upper part.