Tips on using Minelab Excalibur

This guy seems to know what he’s talking about. I did try some things but I didn’t get the tone-inside-the-wiggle. This all probably also should work for the Sovereign as the Excalibur is often said to be just a waterproof version of it.

The good thing about these detectors is that they *null out* when going over iron. The bad thing about that is that if a Good target (a ring for example) lies right next to iron, the iron will null out the sound of the ring too. So Michael Oliver says to dig the iron too, if you have hunted the beach already quite a bit. The other guy says you should wiggle it from different directions but it doesn’t work for me.

All I know is that I can have bad low tones/low Id’s with the Deus sometimes and when dig them (when the sound IS very consistent and it seems to be a smaller object), and after some mud comes out of the hole, suddenly the tone and ID go up and a good target comes out. I think a good target can give a bad ID when it’s deep or lying in such a way that the detector only can grab onto a thin part like when a coin is just on its side. I also often have one spade out and then the signal goes missing, so then I grab the pinpointer and move it around in the hole. Often the target has fallen into a deeper bit or has it changed in to a less detectable position.

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