bad day in recreation

The sun was shining and I already stayed in for 3 days, so today I packed my stuff and finally went detecting !

I picked the closed city and a littly playground/grass area.

It turned out to be a total failure. I found 4 old franks, 20 eurocent and a lot of junk. THere was actually more money in the grass than in the sand. I also prepared myself for the icy cold wind.. which then seemed a very bad idea because it was actually warm and I took out my ski-jacket but I was still having sauna-happening in my ski-pants. So after an hour, I went home with a disappointment.

In the late afternoon, we went to visit a semmingly old park in the same environment. It’s a bit wild, and not a lot of people come there except for fishing or jogging. At least I pulled out a 1-europiece and 20 cent. JAy.

That was like my worst day in ages ! although last week I also didn’t get much out of some grass spot.