Nice local hunt

Yesterday evening I got to chat with a guy who lives in one of the nearby villages. I heard before that there was a play area but didn’t yet look at it. He asked me if I could go with him to find a silver ring again, which was made by his late brother. So I looked it up in Google Maps and it turns out to be quite a big area. Big enough to go look at the other end for some coins and maybe gold !

Well, no gold..As usual. But an UNUSUAL high frequency of pieces of drink cans, because apparently the cans had been shredded and spread around by a mower.. So everything I dug under ID 70 was foil. I gave up after a while.. sigh, I’ll never manage to find gold in grass this way. ALl the pollution.. Thank god it’s not like that on a beach !

I did have the luck to find 3 pieces of 2 euro within the 3 hour-span, so my hunt was deemed Very Ok-ish. Then some little money, a spanish and english coin, and again some older Belgian ones (big ones even). All quite useless but ok..

Photo above: AGAIN a euro smashed into 2 pieces, and it took me 10 minutes to find the inner part ! Doh.. That makes 4 euro in 8 pieces :/

The result: 9.5 euro that i can still use, 1 euro that is lost and Other coins.