Searching for silver ring

Part I

A week ago I had quite a succesful hunt in a playground, where I got 9.5 euro from under the grass. Then a few meters away, there is a grass soccer field where a guy had lost a silver ring from his late brother. It was 10 yrsd ago and the ball had wiped over his hand and took the ring off.

We got there at 11 and I searched in rows for 4 hrs around that spot. Unfortunately, lots of trash and coins but no ring.

Did get 8 euro out. But I wish I had found that ring..

Part II

I went back two days later (It’s ITCHING !)Making overlapping rows as good as I could, I managed to find the ring back in an hour ! It was a few meters away from the huge circle that the guy showed me, but I guess the lawn maywer could have swung it away.

BUT: the amount of Belgian coins reached my all-time record !DAMNN….. 10x 5 frank and 6x 20 frank !Jeez. If I got that in Euro’s, I’d be halfway my salary for the month. At least I never found this one before. It’s pretty !

Belgique – bon pour 1 franc 1928

Edit 11/3: one more less succesful trip. Although I was happy that so many kids were playing outside and building a tree hut. I also see now why there is so much to find over there: lots of people hang out there! One little hole held over 3 euro, thanks god for that !That makes my total:9.5 + 8 + 6.5 +4.7= 28.7 euro. Still I have half of the soccer area to do and a bit of the hangout area. I didn’t makea photo of it. It’s a circle of grass, a path around it, and then some artifical hills around it. The guy said the teenagers liked to sit around on top of the hills. I dug 5 old pieces of money out of 2 holes under the bushes. I decided that was enough for today. Then I did a bit of the hill and found some more eurocoins.