An accidental third dig

I’m not planning to go detecting on fields anymore, since I’ve tried it for several years without much success. I mean I LIVE on a former Roman city and I heard stories about how people went detecting decades ago and found plenty. And now still herds of detectorists come from even across the border to search here for Roman stuff. When I come, there is nothing left of course.

I had a meeting with a guy who wanted to try my fisher F70 before buying it. So we went onto a field and searched for 3 hours. I realized again how tough the field work is.. Big heavy shovel, feet all in mud, cold wind around your head. Not so many beeps with my XP deus; I got a bit worried because the routine was: getting a decent beep and then putting my shovel about 10cm deep to get the item out. Doesn’t a Deus go deeper normally ?
But ok, I found a lot of cool things in comparison to earlier digs. My day is great whenever I find silver

The guy found 6 coins which were not so great but ok, the detector proved to be a vacuumcleaner whereas mine proved I need to work on settings or on my pickiness/laziness for tones.

Went also to the city park when darkness was almost falling; The city workers have taken out a piece of grassland where the former swimming pool used to be and a pile of mud is now spread over the grass. I thought it would be perfect to search it but after 20 minutes I ended up with frozen fingers and 4 coins of our older currency The park opposite to the grass spot is still very promising, since I went there for a test and found 10 coins in 40 minutes. I didn’t write about it yet because I wanted to have at least 2 hrs of digging there.. but didn’t get there yet because of freezing cold !