This spot is ok

I went again today where my dad lived. There are 3 social housing appartment buildings and some areas of grass in between. You can see bike tracks going from one side to the other over the grass, so that’s apparently where people take shortcuts. I found over 13 euro in 2 times 🙂 Wasn’t really succesful at first but 2x 2 euro coin speeds it up 🙂

It started raining several times but the ski-jacket doesn’t let anything through. Still I can’t go for longer than 3 hours because my neck starts to hurt. Plus I lost my screw driver in the field. I took another one from the garage that was longer and thinner but it broke. It was nice to have a longer one but i couldn’t lift up the grass because it was too thin. So now I realised that I might need TWO screwdrivers. The long thin one to pierce through the grass to find the object, and a shorter thicker one to open up the grass.