Park 3

woog! I’m glad the whole December-rage is over !!
I really don’t like the last weeks of the year. It’s cold, dark, rainy.. and then shops/services don’t work, or when they work they are OVERCROWDED by people who have vacations and need to buy presents and stuff.

It was quite cold the last days. Yesterday the temperature went up a bit over zero and the sun was shining, but the ground was still a bit frozen. Went to the park with my dog and that was it.
Today it was a bit rainy and cloudy but the temperature rose to 7 degrees. I went out for less than an hour in the local park and I was quite happy that I finally did it ! The soil was loose and I found 3x more coins than garbage (3 pulltabs). The only thing was that 3 out of 7 coins were the old currency but anyway. It looks promising and it’s not hard to dig, and it’s a 2-minute drive !
Just have to go back when the weather is sucky, otherwise there will be too many people watching me !

No pictures yet.. Didn’t want to give away my fun park!