My second hunt of the challenge

Yesterday was a day where it just wouldn’t stop pi**ing down from the sky ! But I was satisfied that my Day 1 was not a complete disaster. Plus we got loads of things to eat since it was Christmas eve.
Today the sun said hello for the first time in ages ! I can’t remember when the last time was that I saw the sun appear here !
Miserable country, urgh.

So obviously, my brain urged me to go out and detect, because the rain would set in in the afternoon !
I went to watch a pasture that I got permission on (via my mum, don’t ask) but it was all grassy and that didn’t make sense, since they said it was ploughed.
So I went to the other recreation area on the other side of town.

Results: 4x 5 frank, 1x 20 frank.. that is our oLD money in Belgium.. You can’t use it anymore but it does look way better after 20 yrs in the soil that our stupid euro-coins do, don’t they ? You never find them ruined like the euros.
I got excited when I dug up the simpel silver ring but it turned out to be a fake, because it had some brown spots on it (Silver can’t get corroded or doesn’t peel off generally..)
My neck hurt so badly after I returned home ! I couldn’t move it. Oh Oh .. Never had that before.

I also included my cheapo xp deus hack: the little ws3 control box is attached to my detector with the 15-euro adapter and a strong piece of double (carpet) tape. I unscrew the 2 screws in the little plastic holder/plug that stuck on top of the stick. So now I can easily take the control box off the stick.

Hope I can get some right info on that pasture tomorrow !
I live right IN a Roman city but I NEVER found a Roman coin (except one very small and unreadable one, i onyl see 2 little legs on it :p) stupid grmbl..