Dragging my feet

I didn’t have great hunts lately.. went back to the recreation area where the ring was found because it’s quite ‘complete’. It has grass, playground, hills where teenagers sit and a tiny bit of bush area.

In the bush area, i did find a junky ring, and then 2 older coins. Took me some cleaning and I was quite excited because the crust was all green and there was orange color shining at the borders.. turns out to be a stupid 100-yr old lion coin !! the second one also had a thick crust but after soaking it a night in lemon juice/olive oil it turned out to be completely off..

Did find another cool bullet from the war. THe point and the bottom where together but the middle part was missing.

Two-three more euros I found in total. It was so hot the last time that I almost fainted. Didn’t dress according to the temperature, apparently and I was also panicking about not being able to bear the 2 gloves that i wear for protection