My favorite local park II

Yesterday I had to be back home before 1 and so I went quickly to the park and searched for about 1.5 hour.

It was raining a bit sometimes but I’m wearing a skijacket and nothing comes through. Such lucky purchase. It was in sale in Decathlon once for 35 euro. I’ve been wearing it for years already and it still looks like new. It’s a bit big and green so I look a bit like Spongebob (up with keywords in google haha).

I found GOOD stuff !
-9.40 euro (mostly 10-cents but also two 2-euro pieces)
-70 frank old currency
-a British General Service button from before 1902 I think

The last score was 20,45 euro plus today’s money is almost €30 I found here. More is lying underneath the grass !

-and a very small copper sign with a lot of text on one side. The other side is empty.

a small thing with 8 sides which come from Koln in Germany. Pilgrims would go there for the 3 kings and the things would be printed for them in 17th and 18th century.On the front there’s an image of the kings and on the back is a prayer in 6-8 part (hre it’s in 5)that calls for the 3 sacred kings(C.M.B. Caspar Melchior Balthasar) to have a good destination and a good hour of death.

Text on old little sign which is 18mmx20mm:
H. 3 K C.M.B.

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