My favorite local park

Yay, the local park turns out to be a gold mine !
Well, unfortunately not literally.. But in 3 hunts, I took out about 20 euro and there should be a lot more to dig !

The first time I had to take a friend with me because I’m really afraid of someone coming up to me and telling me to go away. You know there’s a general ban on metal detectors in my city because of the Roman past.. but first of all, 40 yrs of nighthawking by everyone.. it’s EMPTY !! Secondly, I’m not looking for anything old and I don’t dig deeper that 10 cm or so. So I think people should not mind my business in the park. I’m not leaving holes, and I’m taking out garbage that others were ‘allowed’ to put on the ground. I’m totally right ! But I’m not a big talker so that’s why I need to take someone sometimes..

The second time I went on my own and started in the playground, but that’s still a disaster. I dig up pulltabs all the time. The old ones, they have the same ID as euros. Someone told me that there are other diggers visiting the playground but it doesn’t make sense, because there are no coins and lots of other stupid things. OR they know how to tell them apart and dig up only the coins.

Still, don’t think they can hunt without missing any coin !
So I figure it’s just a very bad spot; I then moved on to the park and decided to make nice overlapping rows on one square piece of grass where there used to be a picknick table.
Did only one side and got 7.30 euro. THe next day I only did half an hour because I needed to cheat and see my mistress (the soccer field on the other side.. and that was AGAIN a big empty nothing). Yay, there was one euro in a hole. Then I return and going over the same hole, I dig up 2.5 euro more ! I had 5 euro in half an hour 🙂
I’m going to write down all amounts that I find here:
3 first visits: 5.15 + 7.30 + 8 = 20.45
Visit 4: 1.90 + coin from 1750 = 22.35