My first Roman coin

Unbelievable ! I can’t even tell how many years I’ve been detecting fields and yesterday I found this thick Roman coin.. In my own front yard ! I’d say FINALLY !!

It’s not readable or anything, but still it’s a nice find.
FINALLY. Dammit.

I tried detecting my yard 2 times since I started. THe first thing after I received my first detector, an Ace 250, was trying it out in the garden. But that turned out to be a big disappointment because of all the tiny pieces of foil and lots of iron fences.. THe second time I had a Fisher f70 and I found 2-euro and another coin in the middle of the lawn, where nothing is disturbing that much.

Now I have the Deus and I was thinking of detecting it entirely for the first time in all those years.
The result: 3 x 5 frank from around 1949, a 5-pesetas from 1957 (weird) and then this roman thing, 2000 yrs old !

You’d think there’s no in-between money to be found and that is weird, huh. But I DID get this common coin from 1750 out of our yard when the chickens were making their way through. And this coin was just lying on our driveway.

Years later I tried lots of methods to get it clean, and then i dumped it in acid. Acid was without power, so i put new acid and there you go.. the coin was ruined. But there’s a head on it, and a lady with SC on the other side.