Trip to Belgian Coast

Yay, I was dying to go out to the beach and detect. We took the 2-gr drive to the sea because it would be nice weather.. And AGAIN, i was disappointed !
No nice weather until 3 in the afternoon or so.. It was misty and almost freezing cold. There were tons of people on the beach though. I was hoping the winter would have taken away a layer of sand like last year, when the war bullets were lying everywhere.
I was walking along the water and wet sand for about 2 hrs. The result : 2 lousy pieces of 10 cent !
No use in detecting on the beach here in Belgium.. Too much space to cover, and too many other detectorists.

I don’t like going metal detecting when I have a non-believer with me..because it always ends up in whining and complaining, and sometimes that already stats before I take out my gear. Since we didn’t have anything else to visit, I was allowed to go to the park in the center to hunt a bit. The park grass turned out to be great. THe only annoying thing was that it was totally crowed with little kids on cars and bikes and lots of adults spending quality time. I did manage to find a piece of 1 and 2 euro, and an almost whole bullet from the war (I guess). I never found it intact like this (except for the ones I threw back because they were really whole and frigthening).

Full of energy and elegance, that’s me :p
Playground raid in the dark

I went to the playground when kids were gone. It was already dark and I couldn’t see much. But AT LAST !! I’ve circeled around this park area for years and never could hunt it because there were always kids. They play even in winter when it’s icecold !!
I found 2 big pieces of 2 euro and a lot of little stuff. The whole trip wasn’t too bad. Again I could confirm to myself that park digging is the most rewarding

The result is medium-satisfying (it didn’t pay back my fuel :p)