Collection of Silver and Bullets


I have the tendency to find bullets even in playgrounds and grass areas near buildings..

Some are from the world wars, and some.. I have no idea.

The only special ones are the little led ones that are bend and bruised. I found them on the Belgian coast after a storm took away several meters of sand. I didn’t even realize what they were, until after several digs I found one that actually still had a bullet shape. I guess they can be from the war.

I am terrified to detect at the beach and to have some seriously BIG object under my feet. I won’t dig it up. I’ve seen bombs that they dug up.. nah-ah, not for me baby.

My silver finds

(no coins here, they are in the coins-topic):
3 earrings, a belly piercing, 2 religious hangers, and the last one is from the fields: a weird thin thing with a very simple house drawn on it.