Two more grassy hunts

The previous hunt in a grass area near 40-yr old social houses was not a big success. 2.2 euro and the rest was an infestation of foil.. No fun, because you get tired of the beeps and don’t know where to dig anymore.

Today I returned to our local park where people lie in the grass when it’s warm and sunny. Today was already quite sunny and 11 degrees ! wow. So I left my ski-pants at home :p THe ski clothing is super because it can be -10 and I wouldn’t feel anything, except in my feet and hands because no ski-clothing there that works.

It was a success ! Anything that delivers over 4 euro per hour is a succes haha. I had €9,30 and about 10 old coins in almost 2 hours. No gold or silver still (that’s just bugging me..). The youtube videos where a guy finds a gold pendant and then a huge golden bracelet ? B* S* !! Bigtime. Belgian people maybe take good care of their jewellery..lucky they don’t do that with their change.