Detecting around modern castle

Well, some luck I had that my in-laws bought a ‘castle’ (although to me it’s not really a castle) where I can detect. It was used as hotel and party-place. Also has some history during the war. Did find a full loaded bullet there once :s
I did another major round today of 4 hours and tried to do overlapping lanes not to miss anything.

Most stuff that I found was either foil or well..foil.
Then at least some coins, all from the Belgian frank that was used before euro-money. One Dutch coin I found today which was the oldest coin so far: I think it might have been from 1837.
THe other remarkable coin was a 20 cent from Belgium. I saw a lot of 50 cents, but a 20 cent.. I didn’t even know it existed ! Jay. A new thing learned today !

Unfortunately, only the front side of the lawn has some coins in it. All back side is infested with foil and bottle caps. They have the same ID as the coins..

Oh and the giant turkey (not so common here) was following me and trying to impress me every 5 mins by SWOOSHING up all feathers. LOL. I was thinking I might not leave this place without a turkey attacking me.