My screwdriver

This is the best screwdriver I’ve used so far for digging in grass.

I don’t like to make holes with anything else. The special little shovels seem to cut grass roots and I don’t want anyone to tell me that I destroy the grass since I don’t ask permission for open grass spaces.

The way I do it:
– detect with xp deus and try to pinpoint as exact as possible (Im having a 3×3 inch area in the worst case)
– try to find the exact spot again with pinpointer. If it doesn’t beep, I try to extent the pinpointer range by keeping my screwdriver against it, just far enough to not having it go off. Then try again to pinpoint the target.
If I still don’t find it, i might try just poking in the ground with screwdriver to find a hard metal object.

Did you locate the object ?
– Put the screwdriver into the ground next to the target and deep enough to go under it. Try to lift up the grass above. Open up the cut you just made by pulling the 2 sides of soil away from each other. Then the poking and pinpointing starts.

I’m not saying it’s a fast way of recovering..

Qualities of screwdriver:
– length: enough to poke deeper holes, because that’s usually needed to find the damn coin.
– thin vs thick: better thick because a strong screwdriver will be easier to lift up the grass roots.
– a good rubber handle: the previous one was transparant plastic and just broke off

I lost the first one, which was a bit smaller and thinner. THen I broke the second one. Not angry about it since the third one turns out to be more heavy-duty !