Summary: Coins

The result of metal detecting so far

I started out detecting some 6 years ago. I especially focused on field detecting back then because I saw the nice old silver and gold things that they posted on forums..
Turns out that was quite not happening for me..

Foto 1: 4 times silver and other coins.
I found 2 very small silver ‘denier’ coins. Both from around 13th century. The first one is really nice, with a lion on one side and DUXI on the other side. THe second one I broke in 2, because it looked like garbage and it was folded together.. Most other copper coins are about 250 yrs old.

Foto 2: SOme other 250-yr old coins that you find here a lot, but they look a bit less cool. Also a Celtic and Roman little coin with almost nothing readable on it..