So many silvers !

I’m amazed at how many small silvers I found lately.

We had lockdown from halfway March till a few weeks ago, but now that we can finally detect again.. all fields are filled up ! THe weather has been extremely kind to us since lockdown but we weren’t allowed to detect so we had to wait. THen we had a few new small fields to go to that weren’t planted yet. Some have actually proven successful. I think 3 out of 4 gave several silver pieces or Roman. A small copper sealstamp with a deer on it, or a 500-yr old jeton.
One field in the village behind us was the only one left and I found 3 bits of silver in a few hours there. IT was my mate’s birthday and he found nothing so i didn’t tell him :p Even an egg was lying on the field, like a mushroom. I’m happy my Deus can pick them up, but I’m also very jealous of the 27 gram heavy silver cob coin that my mate found recently.. Doh.

We ran out of empty fields now so it’s just biting time until some grain is coming off.. That can be several weeks unfortunately :/