playground with xp deus HF coil

I bought the round HF coil for my XP Deus a while ago. I was hoping I would find the small (GOLD ! Silver !) things that other detectorists would have missed in these godforsaken hunted-down fields around my Roman city..

I DID find an amazing Silver Roman denarius of 81BC on my first hunt on an emptied field. Second trip I found 4 pieces of very small Roman follis and an old silver earring. So that started great! But then the success started to fade and I couldn’t get used to the difference in feeling so I mostly would hunt with my 11 or 13″” coil again on the fields. I once did a whole track in a field with the bigger coil, and then followed with the small white one. I only found a few very small pieces of crap. OF course, the items have to be there. I know that. But I don’t want to dig up tiny things that are even impossible to find with a pinpointer.

Back to the white coil and my first trip with it in the playground: now that was fun. I dug up all 1-2 cents that I would otherwise miss. THey have an iron core and I think the higher freq do love iron. I dug up a load of big iron in the fields.. it’s like you never walked with a detector before. Impossible. But I also found a thin silver bracelet and that’s a first in this playground setting. I did find a few bigger ones on beaches in Montenegro and also a very thin baby bracelet that i found by accident when i was using my pinpointer. I think i have about 5 silver bracelets now, so that’s a nice collection.