New field in village

I wanted to detect a new place so took off by car and drove around some villages near my home. Saw an older guy inspecting his field, and then get in his car and leave so i started following and flashed my lights, lol; He stopped and was like ‘I don’t know you :s’. I got a permission to hunt one field that had planted fertilizer on it. MAn, that was a nice field ! Found several coins of mid-17th century – they still had a visible year ! Most of mid 18th century are already washed off completely so this is cool.

A Belgian coin that I didn’t have before and it looked like silver, but then it turned out to be nickel. IT’s not the last time I will come across something of that era that turns out to be nickel. But anyway, a few more for the collection is always better than completely nothing but garbage huh.