Top finds – first part of 2019

I never was an avid field detectorist. I usually hunted parks and playgrounds (with quite some success too), since I never found a lot of cool stuff in fields. And this despite the fact that I live on a city that was inhabited by Romans some 2000 yrs ago. Plenty of detectorists have hunted here in the last 30-ish years so i guessed it was all gone.

THen I bought the bigger 28 cm DD disc for my Xp deus. I was going since 2013 with the small 22cm coil and software 2.0 on my secondhand small unit. It took months to get the software update that would make the coil work since I didn’t have the bigger unit and I depended on goodwill of complete strangers to do that for me. But then.. Behold ! Before 2019, I found ONE denarius (2018) and a big Roman coin in my own garden (yay for living here). Now I had a Roman coin on EVERY field hunt. Plus the dream find of a Golden Roman coin, and a few younger silver coins. Wauw. I’m so lucky. Or I was so unlucky all the year before this.

So I guess I’m not going to get rid of my Deus yet 😀
The top right silver Roman coin was given to me by a fellow detectorist. I don’t even know him but he showed me his coins and said he had two of the same. Just take it lol.